Farmers and Advocates to Discuss Humane Farm Bill at Xavier

Farmers and animal advocates will give Cincinnatians plenty to chew on in the coming week, during two public discussions of Ohio’s proposed farm animal cruelty prevention bill.  By requiring that pigs, chickens, and veal calves have enough space to stretch their limbs, the bill would require the state’s industrial mega-farms to operate more like the small, traditional animal farms which they have squeezed to a small corner of their market.  Aimed at protecting animals, the bill would likely reduce the competitive disadvantage at which these small farms find themselves.  In the long run, farmers and “slow food” enthusiasts hope it might keep small-scale farming viable for younger generations.

Gene Baur, president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary, will speak Saturday afternoon about his work and Ohio’s bill.
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Sourcing the crowd: your input requested on Cincinnati’s meat-reduction initiative

A new and terribly cutting-edge phase of this blog begins tonight, whereby. . . I will share the fruits of my reporting with you as I spot and gather them–before they have become steaming, fully-baked articles.

I am not usually enthusiastic about the information superhighway’s perpetual expansion, but there is an element of journalism’s “new media revolution” that thrills me, and that is crowd-sourcing.

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