Sentient Cincinnati offers news and analysis of the ideas, policies, and relationships that bind us animals to each other.  All viewpoints are welcomed, and readers are encouraged to respond via the comments section following each piece, or as guest writers.

Recently the blog has also become a collection point for freelance articles by its primary contributor, Fabien Tepper.  Fabien is science journalist for The Christian Science Monitor, and also a painter.  She launched Sentient Cincinnati as a reporting student in Cincinnati Ohio, after earning an M.S. in animals and public policy and a B.A. in studio art. She was a 2011 Fellow at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies and a 2012 resident writer at the Mesa Refuge. Her work has appeared in YES! Magazine, CityBeat Cincinnati, and The Point Magazine, and reprinted in UTNE Reader, NationofChange, Truthout, and Resilience.

Email:  editor@sentientcincinnati.com

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Very well written, inspired topics. The author provides a voice for those who rarely have one in common media. The artwork done in real-time captures the emotion of an entire event that no still photo could accomplish. It truly makes this blog unique. Sentient Cincinnati is worth the read no matter where you reside.

  2. Great to learn about Cincinnati through your sentience. Happy to see you fill what is a need in the community. Love the sketches, too.

  3. beautiful writing of interesting topics, artistic flair deepens the story. well done! I will be coming back over and over, Deidre

  4. Dear Sentinent, I saw your post re the NYTimes article on the backyard chicken trend.

    I too was disturbed/intrigued that few of the posters paid heed to the effect this boomlet might have on the chickens themselves. Also, I do not believe one poster mentioned the chicken lifestyle as a reason for harboring chickens.

    I was given seven chickens and a rooster about four years ago, and have found the experience just busted me open to the fact that every creature deserves a chance at a full life. I can tell you for sure, chickens experience all the seven Deadly Sins, and the four Beauties–emotions many feel are confined to humans, or at the very least, mammals.

    I have spoken to people who say dismissively, “chickens are dumb/souless/have as much feeling as a carrot”–these people have never been around chickens who have been given the chance to lead full chicken lives–and I say this without irony.

    I would have to say, that in spite of the danger of abuse–through ignorance or carelessness–raising chickens in the backyard has got to be an improvement on the factory chicken model, and, in giving people the opportunity to live with the Other, has got to inject a bit of awareness, and open up a window in their heart to the Beingness of the Other.

    thanks for a great Blog.

  5. Dear Sentinent;
    Really thanks, for give us another perspective about this issue. We live, sharing and sourranding with all diferents species, and our treatment or behavior with each of them today, show us how rigth culd the way be or was, in the future.
    I hope no change will be late and no sleep to be aware.

    We are mammals and do not forget that this land was built to be enjoyed responsibly..

    Roberto Saavedra,
    SouthAmerica – Chile.

  6. Glad to meet you at the OLCSB swine subcommittee meeting yesterday. Look forward reading your blog and experiencing parts of culture that don’t reach my eyes and ears very often.

  7. I have just discovered this site after meeting Fabien this past week. What wonderful work you are doing! Thank you!

  8. I love this website. It is full of useful information on living a more compassionate life. it is exciting to see so much activity in this city that is positive and life-giving. May all beings be happy and free from suffering.

    John Mooter
    Chair, VeganEarth

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