High turnout of “elefriends” protest Big Top cruelty

Over 40 concerned tri-state citizens gathered outside the US Bank Arena last night, to protest Ringling Bros. Circus’ methods of training and punishing animals. As costumed elephants were led into the building behind them, several of the demonstrators explained why they were there.

3 thoughts on “High turnout of “elefriends” protest Big Top cruelty

  1. This brings tears to my eyes for these poor abused elephants. These protests have been going on for years and yet Ringling Bros. STILL is in business because enough humans don’t care enough to stop the mistreatment of such smart, awesome animals. It’s a crime.

  2. Great job people! Keep up the needed work.

    Another wonderful non-animal circus is Circus Smirkus [www.circussmirkus.org/].

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