The plan!

Stories will answer the following questions:

  • Who (incl. non-humans) lives in Cincinnati?
  • What kinds of relationships make up their lives?
  • What policy decisions and other events affect their lives and relationships?

Story ideas:

Feature: Inauguration Day at the Drop Inn Center

Feature: How is winter life for homeless Cincinnatians with companion animals? Timely amid heinous weather; no city homeless shelters accept animals.

    News: What values, expertise, and considerations are driving the development of Mariemont’s proposed coyote hunting program?

      Editorial: What values and interests drive the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ predator management advice to towns and villages?

      Review: What kind of perspectives on animals do Charley Harper’s Wildlife prints reveal?

      Review: On the children’s book “Cinci Freedom: A Cow’s Story”

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